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Lab Tour

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Dilution SPM

  • Kelvinox 250 dilution refregirator

  • Base T=9mK

  • 14 tesla magnet

  • Custom-built scanning probe microscope

Experiments: Spatial imaging of interacting electronic phases in 1D and 2D (Wigner crystal, electron attraction by repulsion, Magic Angle Graphene, etc.) 

Bottom-Loading UHV He3 SPM

  • Custom-designed Janis bottom-loading UHV He3 cryostat 

  • Base T=280mK

  • 9 tesla magnet

  • UHV chambers for sample loading and preperation

  • Pan-style commercial scanning microscope

Experiments: Novel scanning probe concepts

Dry Dilution - High Frequency 


Transport of quantum materials

Time-domain measurements of nanotube mechanical resonators and qubits

  • Leiden Cryogenics CF900 dry dilution fridge

  • Base T=10mK (20mK on top loading probe)

  • 14 tesla magnet

  • Top loading probe with high frequency lines

Variable Temperature 4-300K SPM

  • Custom-built scanning probe microscope

  • Fitted in a 4K dewar (hold time > 40 days)

  • Variable temperature up to 300K

  • 5 tesla magnet

Experiments: Visualizing electronic flows in quantum materials (ballistic and hydrodynamic electron flow in graphene, and previously complex oxide interfaces)

Carbon Nanotube CVD

  • In-house pristine nanotube growth capabilities

  • High purity, computer-controlled gas manifold design

  • Growth of very long, ultra-clean nanotubes

Nano-Assembly of NT Devices

  • Custom-built apparatus for deterministic assembly of pristine nanotubes into complex electronic devices

Experiments: New generations of quantum nanotube devices 

Rotating Sample SPM

  • 4-Axis Custom built SPM (XYZ + relative samples rotation)

  • Scanning and fixed sides have 100 electrical contacts each

  • Top loading capabilities

  • Operating temperatures T=4K-300K

Experiments: Imaging electron optics in 2D materials

                       Hybrid 1D-2D carbon systems 

Microwave Dilution SPM

  • Custom-designed Kelvinox 400 dilution refregirator

  • Base T=10mK

  • 14 tesla magnet, 105mm bore, allows rotation of SPM inside magnet bore

  • 3 weeks hold time

  • Microwave lines for time domain SPM

Experiments: mK scanning SET, hybrid carbon systems, time domain SPM

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